Get dressed all week in your favorite JET NOIRE pieces. Each look expresses our effortless essentials from our DIJON Collection. See how we style our favorite pieces.

    Our ESTELLA dress is the embodiment of effortless. Soft and Sleek this dress can be worn short, long, or anywhere in between. There are endless ways to style this piece.

    Anna Wintour, Chief Editor of Vogue, has been chairing the Met Gala since 1995. She is commonly known as the mastermind behind cultivating the Met Gala as it is known today. Her input determines everything from the guest list to the actual execution of the exhibit.

    These pieces came to life and walked along her digital runway. Mveumba's collection was originally set to debut at NYFW this year. No Instagram Live isn't FW but something tells this moment will be ingrained in fashion history.
  • Lines, Colors, and Texture… Oh My!

    Oh my is an understatement. My time in Paris has been going off with every hitch. Still, with everything swirling around me the city is a constant. The metro, the people, the food, and the scenery are all there for the taking. I will admit I haven’t been living to the fullest extent. I wish there were a few more hours tucked into the day to explore the unknown, off the beaten path.
  • The Oxeye: Mary Quant Exhibit

    Quant was an embodiment of the energy and freedom of the time. The exhibit at the V & A is a must-see. Little did I know how much inspiration my closet draws from the trailblazing designs of Mary Quant’s collections.

    One thing about me is I will "Let's go to brunch" you to death. It's my favorite meal and I love getting my friends and family together over a spread of delicious food. Whenever we go to brunch it's always sunny, the food is always bomb, and everyone is happy and hydrated.

    As with every amazing piece, their time must come to an end. The wear and tear of life have taken a toll on Sheridan’s Docs. The time to put them away nears but she can’t bring herself to give them up. The shoes hold so much weight, so much love, and so many memories. Never to be discarded, the Docs will find themselves on the shelf in favor of new footwear.

    Some of my subjects could barely understand me, some had interesting stories to tell, but they all had one thing in common. The clothes they wore were selected intentionally. Their desire was consistent whether it was the classic feminine flare of London or the utilitarian chic style of Paris.



    ...I will admit, up until the last two collections I was not a fan of Jacquemus. He's now one of my favorite designers of the moment. Many of his pieces still don't quite match my style but I love the voice behind his collections. Every look has a certain flair that feels effortlessly chill. 

    As you walk towards the famous Goblien manufacturing center in your new Archer Heels, you will find my first letter, growing up the side of the building. As you walk along the streets you can’t help but picture the history behind the previous quarters.

  • MOI

    Welcome to my blog. We will be talking about my love of travel, fashion, and everything else in between. I can't believe I finally get to show the world what I've been working on. Read now to see what's been bouncing around my head.