• The Oxeye: Mary Quant Exhibit

    Quant was an embodiment of the energy and freedom of the time. The exhibit at the V & A is a must-see. Little did I know how much inspiration my closet draws from the trailblazing designs of Mary Quant’s collections.

    Anna Wintour, Chief Editor of Vogue, has been chairing the Met Gala since 1995. She is commonly known as the mastermind behind cultivating the Met Gala as it is known today. Her input determines everything from the guest list to the actual execution of the exhibit.

    These pieces came to life and walked along her digital runway. Mveumba's collection was originally set to debut at NYFW this year. No Instagram Live isn't FW but something tells this moment will be ingrained in fashion history.

    Some of my subjects could barely understand me, some had interesting stories to tell, but they all had one thing in common. The clothes they wore were selected intentionally. Their desire was consistent whether it was the classic feminine flare of London or the utilitarian chic style of Paris.



    ...I will admit, up until the last two collections I was not a fan of Jacquemus. He's now one of my favorite designers of the moment. Many of his pieces still don't quite match my style but I love the voice behind his collections. Every look has a certain flair that feels effortlessly chill. 
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