Shop Smart, Shop Small

Shop Smart, Shop Small

When looking for new products to deck out your Summer 2021 wardrobe, it may be tempting to head to the big hitters. In a world that relies more than ever on supporting one another, perhaps your money is better spent at an independent business instead. If you have made your way to JET NOIRE, you know that gorgeous pieces can be found in lesser known places, which is why this week we are telling you about four more independent brands you should be spending your money at.

The past year has been frankly exhausting.We have spoken plenty of times on the impact that COVID has had on the fashion industry, as well as society as a whole. On one hand, devastation has swept the nation, uprooting the economy, and sewing distrust amongst each other at almost every turn. On the flip side, an increase in online shopping popularity has allowed many small businesses to start (including JET NOIRE) and find success through social media promotion. #ShopSmall has never been more popular, and while responses to the pandemic has shown an ugly, inconsiderate side to the population, people have banded together in the #smallbusiness tags. It is easier than ever to find independent sellers to replace the popular big brands, and more important than ever to band together and support those going it alone. 

Uplifting those that do not have corporate funding can be a small change that has a big impact in the industry, and as a small business ourselves, JET NOIRE has immense admiration and pride for anyone else running their own shop. Bigger brands selling clothes, jewelry, and makeup may be more convenient, but that convenience often comes at the cost of the planet and its people. Seldom found is a big business that remains truly ethical and sustainable from start to finish. One way to say that behavior is not acceptable and cannot continue is to take your business to individuals putting themselves out there to disrupt the industry. Shopping small means that not only will you be receiving a more carefully crafted product, but you can sleep well knowing your funds have helped support another individual and contributed to the fight towards a more responsible industry. 

The CANNES collection from JET NOIRE is in full swing, just in time for Summer weather to arrive. We have a fabulous selection of essentials to stay cozy yet stylish no matter what your Summer plans entail. But no outfit is complete with just a NAOMI NOIRE Shrug/Backless Top combo and YARA NOIRE Shorts. Spice up your look with makeup, accessories, shoes, and more! And be sure to buy from other independent brands to create the hottest, and most ethically sound look from head to toe. 

While you snag your favorite CANNES pieces, take a look at these four other small businesses JET NOIRE suggests to finish off your Summer looks in style:    


  1. Fresh Lifestyle Brand Skincare

A showstopping look starts at the base, so get your skin silky smooth and glowing with Fresh Lifestyle Brand’s skincare products! FLB is a firm believer in keeping things simple, all product listings short and easy to read. That way you know exactly what you are putting on your body, and can be assured that it is natural, healthy, and high quality. They want to highlight your natural beauty while keeping your wellbeing in mind. Their Soft Body Shimmer Oil will give you an effortless glow while the Whipped Body Butter leaves your skin hydrated and healthy.    

Laws of nature cosmetics

  1. Laws of Nature Cosmetics

After moisturizing, doll yourself up with a jaw dropping makeup look with Laws of Nature cosmetics. This amazing makeup brand has stunning products and the same values as JN. Founder Jasmine Rose learned a hard lesson in 2007 when her mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, desiring to switch to a healthier, and more natural lifestyle herself, but finding it hard to find natural cosmetics for Black women. In 2015 she launched her beauty brand with just a foundation, aimed to provide Black women with a closer color match without any toxic chemicals. From there the brand expanded, creating more and more products to “compliment every shade of melanin, and contain clean, skincare ingredients suitable for all skin types and conditions.” Just this year they have launched some bold lip colors and stunning metallic liquid eyeshadows perfect for a night out!

The Lash Drip Blog

  1. The Lash Drip Lashes

Make sure to complete your makeup look with some dramatic lashes from The Lash Drip. Founder Jennifer saw how most lashes on the market were too heavy or uncomfortable for frequent use. So she set out to create her own line of lashes that were lightweight and easy to use so anyone could take their makeup looks to the next level. Providing the highest quality synthetic lashes, Lash Drop lashes are made for long lasting comfort and are always reusable! Their variety of shapes and styles cater to all eye shapes, offering lashes perfect for any occasion. They even have a line of magnetic kits that make lash application easier than ever.

Fiere Minimalist

Thank you for supporting the smaller businesses in this industry. If more and more people put their money towards supporting independent creators, more and more change can happen in the fashion and beauty industry at large. We appreciate your support of JET NOIRE over the past year so much, and know that every single order puts a smile on our face, so we can only assume the same happens with the creators of all the wonderful brands listed above. Your support and enthusiasm is the only reason small brands like us can continue to thrive. So make sure you spend your Summer shopping smart, and shopping small. 

If you have any other favorite small businesses, let us know in the comments! And be sure to tag @jetxnoire when you post your small business curated ensembles on all your socials! 


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