Top 5 Beach Day Essentials

Top 5 Beach Day Essentials

Scorching temperatures and skimpy clothes - halfway through July we are official in the dead of summer here in the US. This summer in particular provides the unique opportunity to make a debut back into the world. After a year inside, beach days spent soaking in the sun and cooling off in the waves have been sorely missed. As restrictions lift and the coveted beach trip returns to being a safe endeavor, many are racing to sink their toes in the sand yet again. What better time to make the best of the warm weather and have a hot girl summer like no other!

Hopefully you have been living it up since the beach weather began, but whether you’ve spent every weekend in the sand, or have yet to venture out, JET NOIRE has you covered from start to end for the next beach day you have planned. Sport our HALLE swimsuit for a sexy take on the classic two-piece, or slip on the barely there AVA bikini to really turn heads. Pack a cooler with your favorite snacks, drinks, and plenty of water, fold up your largest towel, then fill up a tote with all the essentials for a laid back, hassle free day of fun in the sun. A perfect option is our SLOAN tote, the recycled, textured exterior adding some visual interest to your outfit, while its roomy interior will house everything you need. Plus, 50% of the bag’s proceeds are given to the Black Women's Health Imperative! Read on to hear JET NOIRE’s suggestions on what you should pack into that SLOAN bag for the ultimate beach trip.   

  1. Fitted Sheet

One of the joys of the beach is feeling the sand squish between your toes, but what is less than pleasant is having that sand travel with you back to your blanket and getting everywhere. Instead of a flat blanket or towel alone, bringing a fitted sheet to sit on instead can be a game changer. Lay it down, nestle your belongings in all four corners, and now you have a cozy pocket of the beach to sit in. The raised edge will prevent any wind blown or child thrown sand from creeping into your space, and as long as you brush your feet off before entering, you should spend the day relatively sand free. You can even take it up a notch by bringing a small plastic tub to fill with water and set just outside to rinse off your feet before climbing in. 

  1. Sunscreen

Getting a tan can look hot, and feeling the rays of the sun warm your skin can soothe you like a hug, but it is important to do it safely. There is nothing less sexy than damaging your skin for a temporary glow. Make sure you slather yourself in a good sunscreen to stay protected before laying out. Definitely keep it close by to reapply every two hours or so for carefree fun as you race towards the water. Go the extra mile and pack a wide brimmed sun hat as well. It can provide you a little bit of shade when the sun is really beating down. I also find it a life saver to shield my eyes if I plan to do any reading. Plus it will make you look like a super chic socialite while lounging around. 

  1. Portable Speaker

The sound of the waves is nice, but perhaps a serenity better saved for sleep sounds. If you want to get lit with your friends, music is essential. Today’s smartphones can do a lot, but projecting sound is still not a strength. Getting a solid bluetooth, portable speaker is one of the best investments you can make for a multitude of scenarios, including hanging at the beach with your crew. Spotify allows you to create collaborative playlists,so invite your friends to play dj with you on the ride over to have a selection of all your tastes by the time you arrive at your destination. Connect your phone and crank up the jams loud enough for all of your friends to hear without sitting right next to it, though not loud enough to run everyone else off the beach. Or at least only loud enough to make sure they are maintaining social distancing. 

  1. Waterproof Pouch

The insidious nature of sand can be frustrating, but letting water get into your belongings can be devastating. Bikini clad bodies don’t often provide room for the essentials like your phone and keys. Keep them safe and gathered in one place with a plastic, waterproof pouch. There are plenty of options available for sale online in various sizes and styles. I suggest buying a larger sized pouch so it can have dual utilities as your beach day comes to an end. If you plan on changing out of your swimsuit to leave, or have any particularly sandy items like beach-specific sandals, a waterproof pouch can be a great place to seclude those items as you leave. Swap out your phone for anything wet and/or sand covered to keep the beach stuck to just those items and not strewn about the inside of your bag on the trip home. 

  1. Cover Ups

One of my favorite things to do on a beach trip is spend the entire day, waiting out until the darkness of night has fallen to begin heading home. Laying on the beach or sitting on the pier, drink in hand, watching the sun set below the horizon is a different kind of serene. Though peaceful, it can get cold fast, which means the day’s bikini might not be the best choice to stick it out in. Having some warmer clothes to toss on over your swimsuit or change into as the temps begin to drop in the evening is absolutely essential. Luckily, JET NOIRE has got you covered (up) with a few fabulous choices. The EVE duster is a wonderful option to throw over your swimsuit to quickly wrap you in warmth from head to toe. If you prefer an actual top and bottom, the DEMI pants are both cozy and lightweight, providing just the right amount of warmth for a cool summer night. The HANNA pullover is ridiculously comfortable and a personal favorite of mine to toss on when I get a bit chilly. 

I myself have not yet had the pleasure of returning shoreside this season, but writing out the perfect trip has me itching to go! Have you been spending the summer in the sun so far, or have any spectacular beach day plans coming up? Share your summer stories in the comments and feel free to give us your own professional beach-goer advice. Make sure you tag @jetxnoire on Instagram if you’re rockin’ one of our sexy swimsuits or the SLOAN tote during your outing, we can’t wait to see you killing it!



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