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Graduation, a term that evokes an equal mix of relief and fear in most students. Relief that you made it through the difficult journey of earning your degree, but terror of what the future holds. Whether you have a 5 year plan in place, or don’t even know what the next week will look like, it doesn’t diminish what a huge accomplishment it is to make it to commencement. You’ve persevered through every struggle and triumph and you’ve made it to the end! Congratulations are in order!

With a million tasks occupying your mind at this time, the last thing you need is one more menial task to worry over. How many times have you typed white graduation dress into Google?

Online or in person, it is a celebration of you, and you deserve the confidence of looking like a winner when accepting that degree. To take some pressure out of the task, JET NOIRE is here to give you some tips based on Spring’s hottest trends to stay fierce and stylish even with the cap and gown. 

  1. Monochrome
    It is no secret that JET NOIRE loves a monochrome moment. Elegant and refined, a black and white look oozes style and class. Go head to toe in one shade or another for an extra sleek look, or pair a stark black with blank white for something more bold. Adorn the body parts you want to stand out in white and deck the rest out in black so your silhouette will be on point. You can never go wrong with a classic, and luckily it is right on trend for this year’s Spring season. Plus, sticking to neutrals is bound to match whatever color robes your university is sporting. 
  1. Corset
    This may be a more daring look for the occasion, but it is perfect if you want to break up the traditional soft graduation looks. The resurgence of corsets have brought a wide variety of adaptations that are perfect for something more professional. A corset style dress might bring the ideal silhouette you’ve been searching for. Or accessorize an otherwise soft, simple dress with our BEX Corset to add a bit of edge to the look. It can be the perfect accessory to add definition and a point of interest to your outfit; an added detail to take your ensemble to the next level. 
  1. Sheer
    Perhaps this isn’t the occasion to whip out your fully sheer clubwear, but a bit of sheer fabric can do a lot for a piece (for example: our TRACEY Top with sheer sleeves) Instead of looking for simple one-layered dresses, find a basic shift dress that has a sheer layer on top. Basic dress shapes can be upgraded when a matching, or contrasting layer of sheer fabric is draped atop. Branching out to this style of dress might find you the perfect piece of professionalism without being too conservative. If you can’t find the perfect option out there, get creative with a more provocative sheer piece and layer it over a simple modest one to create something truly unique. There’s nothing better to make you feel like a queen than a couple of layers of cascading chiffon. 
  1. Casual Suiting
    A dress is what typically comes to mind, but swap out the dress for a pant suit instead. The guys will be sporting something similar, and nothing says boss babe like a good power suit. Casual suiting is quite on trend, spicing up the stiffness of usual suiting and providing a laid back but still killer look. Be bold and rock a matching suit and blouse to feel empowered and comfortable underneath that gown. Pair it with a statement heel and you are sure to stand out and feel more confident than ever. 
  1. Comfort
    If the past year has taught us anything, it is the value of comfort. Loungewear is on the rise as people are spending more time than ever indoors. Perhaps you will even be spending your commencement ceremony in front of a screen. Wearing sweats is taking things a bit too far, but this rise in comfort assurance means brands have been creating stylish, professional garments with all the luxuries of loungewear. The last thing you want to be during graduation is uncomfortable so prioritize ease with something cute and cozy. Shop our newest CANNES collection for lightweight knit pieces that will provide the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated.

Hopefully these ideas on what Spring trends can be translated into a stylish graduation look have helped spark some outfit inspiration and eased your scrambling to put together a look. Regardless of what fabulous ensemble you’ve paired with your cap and gown, nothing can diminish the gravity of your accomplishment. Through all the late nights, friends made, and exams passed and failed, you made it to the finish line, during a pandemic no less! JET NOIRE offers its sincerest congratulations and no matter who you are, we are immensely proud of your monumental achievement. And we’re certain you’ll look fabulous with that degree. 

Congrats 2021 Grads! Sound off in the comments about what degree you’ve received and what stunning ensemble you put together and we’ll hype you up with the same ferocity you’ve had supporting JN through the past year of business!



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