Bring the Red Carpet Home

Bring the Red Carpet Home

February, awards season, social media is typically abuzz with chatter about what everyone’s favorite celebrities have worn to the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Delays across the board due to the pandemic meant we were left absent of flamboyant red carpet fashion from our favorite movie stars as Winter drew to a close. No need to fret, Spring has seen the stars take to the red carpet again, stepping out with new stunning, bedazzled looks to scrutinize. After all, the Oscars might focus on film, but it is also one of the most talked about moments in fashion each year. 

Even with Fashion Police off-air, the day after the awards show floods the timeline with best-dressed lists, and worst-dressed roasts. Analyzing the good and the bad can be fun, but there are plenty of critiques from every source. The past year has put everyone in a bit of a fashion rut as we spent most of our time inside. Yet everyone deserves to feel like a movie star, even without the budget or clout. So instead of listing our opinions on home-runs or faux-pas, JET NOIRE is looking at different red carpet looks and telling you what you can learn from the celeb’s ensembles. Here are five pieces of fashion advice to incorporate into your Spring 2021 wardrobe based on the 93rd Academy Awards fashion.

Zendaya and Stormie Academy Awards
  1. Get Creative with Cutouts
    Cutouts are one of the hottest trends of the season, and the stars have been rocking it as well. Zendaya had one of the more popular looks of the night, Andra Day bearing a bit of midriff as well. Showing some skin is the perfect way to stay cool and sexy for Summertime, no matter the body type. Instead of throwing on a normal t-shirt or sundress, pick up a piece with dramatic cutouts for a simple way to elevate your look. A sliver of stomach, or just a cold shoulder can add that extra level of interest needed to boost a Summer outfit look from basic to show stopping. Our ARCHER dress is a fantastic example of how an interesting cutout can completely revamp a classic. 

Men's Fashion 1 Academy Awards

  1. Stand Out in Solid Colors
    Dressing in one solid color head to toe will always turn heads. Leslie Odom Jr. and Colman Domingo stepped out in these bold suits, rocking solid gold and hot pink respectively. Color coordination can be nice, but it doesn’t pack a punch the way matching can. Pick your favorite warm-weather piece and style it with the closest color matches you own. Not only does it create a bold look, but it is a super simple way to style, even for fashion novices! Go with an all over neutral for something more subtle and sophisticated, or try a bright color to scream Summer fun. Start off your own monochromatic look with our cozy DEMI NOIRE pants that will create a bold and dramatic look when paired with other jet black pieces. 

Academy Awards 2021 Fashion Looks 1

  1. Dable in Different Decades
    Fashion has made its way through many different eras, and it is no secret that trends are cyclical. Y2K fashion has been popular of late, but all decades in fashion have a wealth of trends to pull inspiration from. Regina King stunned in a whimsical gown embodying elements of vintage Hollywood glamour, sporting shapes reminiscent of 1940s showgirl couture, while LaKeith Stanfield stood out in a sleek jumpsuit straight from the 1970s. Look at the styles of old to create something new from the inspiration you find. No need to copy trends button for button, but translate your favorite retro styles into modern times by pairing elements of a different era with modern styles. Take a high shouldered 1980s blazer and pair it with minimalist pieces, or emulate the classic 1950s silhouette with garments of the Y2K aesthetic. You could even throw together your own 1970’s inspired look with our EVE NOIRE duster!

Academy Awards Fashion

  1. Create Contrast with Asymmetry
    Contrast is one of the best ways to turn your look from drab to fab, and turning out an asymmetrical look is one of the easiest ways to do so! Trish Summerville rocked this black and white piece with contrasting fabrics while Mia Neal added some asymmetry with the silhouette and intricate detailing. Look for dresses with a fun asymmetrical hemline, or pull attention towards your face with a one-shoulder top. If you don’t own any pieces with built in asymmetry, try a more subtle version by only accessorizing on one side, or layering with scarfs. Or pick up the ZURI crop shrug, the perfect piece to mix and match with your favorite garments, and bring some easy asymmetry to any look.

Academy Awards 2021 Fashion Blog Looks

  1. Play with Texture
    One of the most fun ways to add some extra oomph to your look is playing around with different textures. Laura Dern sported this fuzzy look, and Sophia Nahli Allison stepped out with a bold number mimicking the feel of lace. This is a great way for some understated contrast or to break up a monochromatic look. Instead of complimenting your closet basics with a cohesive color scheme, reach for something in a fabric that looks and feels unlike the rest. Plain shorts with a sequined top, or a basic tee mixed with the implied texture of stonewashed denim will be more intriguing than sticking to one fabric throughout. Even pairing a smooth mini-dress with a chunky necklace can add the contrast needed to elevate a staple. We suggest the JHENE bodysuit, which has a braided sleeve detail, bringing a subtle bit of texture to your next Spring outfit!

Let us know in the comments who caught your eye this awards season, and whether you had any of your own style takeaways from the designer looks! Make sure you browse JET NOIRE’s ever expanding catalog to shop pieces perfect for implementing these style tips and stay fabulous you stars!



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