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Hanifa introduced its Pink Label Congo collection digitally on Instagram Live on Friday, May 22, 2020. I was screaming, everyone was screaming, and it was truly a moment I'll remember forever. A black woman-owned fashion brand made history. She displayed an engaging concept, clean designs, all while promoting a humanitarian message. She set the pace for the future of fashion digitization. In the middle of a global pandemic, Anifa Mveumba, designer and founder of Hanifa, adapted to the new normal. She was able to use 3D renderings to digitize her garments. 

Digital Runway

Red Hanifa Dress


These pieces came to life and walked along her digital runway. Mveumba's collection was originally set to debut at NYFW this year. No Instagram Live isn't NYFW but something tells this moment will be ingrained in fashion history. When I tuned into Instagram live last week there were over 600 viewers. 

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  • I loved this collection. I want to buy all the pieces in her collection.


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