A Homebody’s Guide to Staycationing

A Homebody’s Guide to Staycationing

The blistering Summer sun is high in the sky, shining down on your HALLE bikini clad body draped effortlessly across a lounge chair. One foot dangles off the side, toes curling into warm sand as crisp, cool wind blows over you from the ocean ahead, an Adonis of a man offering you another piña colada. You pluck the drink off its tray, tossing a thank you to the lad while daintily trotting towards the pool to cool off after your fourth day lounging in the sun. 

Or at least that is how I picture a typical Spring Break trip to the Bahamas or Cannes would go. Unfortunately, the coronavirus burst those poolside bubbles for many last year. For a myriad of reasons, it is frustrating that a year later, the safest option is still to stay in and postpone any trips, but staying home doesn’t have to kill the vacation spirit.

“Staycationing” has become quite a hot term ever since the first lockdowns happened in 2020; vacationing while stay home, staying in, and staying safe. I’ve seen countless people across social media express boredom and disdain quite quickly into being forced to spend their free time stuck indoors. I’ve also seen countless other staycation guides pop up recently, but I don’t personally feel like any of them have fully grasped the true beauty of spending vacation at your very own home. Most focus on activities to mimic the tropical getaway experience, but my favorite ways to make the most of a staycation relish in the comfort of spending that time at the place I know best.

I can think of one singular Spring Break I spent traveling, and even then it was a cold and snowy trip to Colorado consisting of family visits and driving a cat cross country. All other “breaks” I have willingly, gleeful spent right at home, smiling at everyone else’s extravagant trips from my bed. I truly send my sympathy to anyone that has had to cancel vacation plans this year or last, but as a homebody at heart, I am here to show you how I make my time at home just as fun. 

True, I am an introvert at heart who genuinely looks forward to time secluded by myself, but any of the following suggestions can be done alone, with housemates, or digitally with friends. Hopefully these ideas can help take the boredom out of an involuntary staycation, and turn it into the relaxing getaway you deserve, even without the level of introversion I possess. Or at least give you an idea to put a twist on the day-to-day. Without further adieu, here are 5 ways to take advantage of the luxuries at home during your Spring/Summer staycation (with proof I actually do these things).

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  1. Spend a Day in Bed

The core principle of a vacation to me is rest and relaxation - a chance to recuperate from life’s normal responsibilities. Most vacation guides suggest clearing your schedule, but I am saying truly do nothing for a whole 24 hours. Plan a day where you won’t be setting an alarm, and you won’t be leaving bed unless absolutely necessary. I suggest changing your bedding the night before so you’re waking up in nice clean sheets and fluffy blankets to wrap yourself in all day.

Throw on your favorite comfy clothes, hunker down in as many pillows as possible, and binge watch something on your own or with a friend on Netflix (there are some fabulous browser extensions that will let you watch shows with your friends online). Only get up to use the bathroom, grab food, or put on a face mask if you are feeling like especially pampering yourself. Doing this at home means you have all of your electronics and self-care tools at your disposal, instead of having to choose which ones to lug on a plane. Plus you’ll be in a bed that matches your preferences as opposed to what a hotel has chosen. Zone out, doze off when you want, and truly chill until the night is over.

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  1. Order-In and Order Local

If I do travel, one of my favorite things is trying local restaurants I would typically not get the privilege of enjoying. Sure, ordering from a chain restaurant is nice when you have that craving, but I bet there is a local gem you never heard of, or maybe haven’t gotten around to trying yet but always wanted to. Now is the time to do some searching and place an order with the new family owned Indian restaurant, or the small Mexican place you’ve always driven by.

Amidst the devastation the pandemic has brought, one shining light has been non-contact delivery. Please let this continue once seeing people no longer means death. The joy of ordering a delicious meal and having it left on your doorstep to grab in just a robe is the best! A lot of local joints have adopted this method as well, and you can often call and place a non-contact delivery order with them directly, instead of through a delivery app, to make sure they receive 100% of the profit. It is all of the joys of ordering room service, for a presumably lower price, plus the added benefit of supporting local business and discovering more about the place you live. Then, unlike a vacation, you can continue to order from the awesome new restaurant in the future because it’s not located in a town you only see once a year!

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  1. Host an At Home Picnic

The cottagecore trend has boosted the popularity of picnics lately, but even trekking to the park is taking away the privileges of doing it right at home. This is a fantastic option if you, for some reason, do want to go outside and get some sun. Having a yard is great, but even a rooftop, balcony, or parking lot can be fun. Grab a handful of blankets, pack a cooler, and go have a picnic somewhere accessible outside that is as close to your living space as possible.

Having a picnic on my front lawn is one of the best things I have ever done. Need more crackers and cheese, or have to use the restroom? No worries, just walk a few steps! It is all the fun of picnic finger food and eating on a blanket, with the ease of your own kitchen and bathroom only being right there. Enjoy the fresh air alone with a book, rope your roommate into joining you, or bring the laptop with you for a video chat. You can even set an appropriately soft, adorable theme for your picnic and get dolled up for the occasion. Regardless of how extra you get, it is a convenient, cozy way to spend the afternoon, and safely get a little bit out of the house.

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  1. Pick Up a Good Game

Video games are one of my favorite past times, but I know they’re not typically for everyone. There is such a wide range of video games these days spanning any possible genre, that I think it is one of the easiest ways to find something fun for the afternoon, and I think there is at least something out there for everyone. Sit down with a single person adventure and get lost in it all day. Or simply play boardgames online with your friends as if you were sitting around a coffee table in person screaming about Cards Against Humanity or Uno. There are many browser versions of real life classics to share with your friends, and even more brand new video game stories you can explore with your friends together. If you want to spend a couple of hours putting your brains together, pick up Tick Tock: A Tale for Two with a friend and talk through the puzzles together as you each experience a different game on your own screen. I really enjoyed navigating that one recently, (and I would be happy to provide other game suggestions for all skill levels and needs in the comments if you ask).

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  1. Bring the Club to Your Living Room

This may sound like the dorkiest one of them all, but stick with me. Missing the nightlife but know a rager is a current no-go? Or does the club aesthetic and dancing appeal to you, but the… everything else doesn’t? This is a great idea if you want to be a little more active after spending the last few days playing games and eating in bed. Don a sickening makeup look, and your sexiest outfit you can still move in. Turn the lights down low, and might I suggest purchasing a little light-up disco ball to truly set the vibe. Crank the music and dance the night away! This one is especially fun if you have roommates to make this a whole occasion out of, or if you can rope your friends into doing the same on their end and start a group video call. If it is at your disposal, kick things up a notch by breaking out an old Just Dance game. The more drunk you get, the more difficult - yet fun - it becomes!

I have done this with my similarly crowd averse friends pre-pandemic and it is a blast! You get to be in complete control of the music and your drinks all night, there is no worry of randos grinding on you, and you can stop at any point without having to figure out how to get home. You also have all of the time in the world to take dramatic pictures in your get up before the night gets wild, and the lighting is completely in your control to get that perfect shot. A bit corny perhaps, but if you’re all in it together, especially a couple of drinks down, it’s a blast. 

Perhaps none of this is revolutionary, but these are some of my favorite ways to indulge in a vacation spent right where I’m at. I think it can be a fantastic way to cut out the stress of planning a trip, save you a ton of money, and help you acknowledge what you love about where you live. I hope at least one thing in here inspired you to take a new look at your surroundings, and take a day purely for yourself. In the end, a staycation should be about nurturing your brain by kicking back with your creature comforts and enjoying yourself, even without a chiseled pool boy bringing you drinks.

Happy Staycationing Beauties!  

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