Paris PParis AParis RParis IParis S

As you walk towards the famous Goblien Manufacturing Center, in your new Archer Heels, you will find my first letter, growing up the side of the building. As you walk along the streets you can’t help but picture the history behind the previous quarters. Then to continue the treasure hunt, you must enter Yves Saint Laurent’s studio. I was captivated by the studio, so naturally, I had to include a little piece of the magic. Then you must head towards Hotel D’Ville. The street lamp is my reminder to always lookup.

 As you finish with the city you want to take the train to Versailles. You and every other tourist will be able to shuffle around in awe of the grandiose displays. There will come a point as you move through the crowds that you wish you were the one being propped up on a pedestal. This photo is a representation of the energy I needed to see anything in the Queen’s chambers. Finally, walking around the Queen’s Garden you will stumble upon the last letter. Seconds after capturing it, I was promptly escorted away from the fountain. The composition of photos comes together as a composition of my memories.

 When you walk around today, stop and see what letters you come across.

Paris P

Paris A

Paris R

Paris I

Paris S
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