Meet Sheridan 1 and Sheridan 2. The past and the present. Two parts to compose a complex and compelling subject. She is never one thing, but a culmination of countless different energies channeling three core themes. Each aspect of her being pulled from different angles and brings together two worlds seamlessly.
Sheridan #1: The Doc- I love you and I will never stop loving you
Picture Seneca Falls, NY: A little town without a passion for fashion. Envision athleisure everywhere, leggings are the truth, style is determined by comfort and ease. As you walk down the streets of this sleepy town you will see them; standard Black Doc Martens, a timeless classic. As your gaze travels up you will meet Sheridan #1. She and her Docs have traveled the world. They took her to her first general admission concert with no one other than Bastille himself. Then they explored the Cliffs of Moher Ireland together. After that, it was off to Florence and the Machine, the concert to end all concerts. These docs survived the streets of Rome during a 6-month study abroad. They have seen it all and been back to tell the story.
Sheridan Docs
As with every amazing piece, their time must come to an end. The wear and tear of life have taken a toll on Sheridan’s Docs. The time to put them away nears but she can’t bring herself to give them up. The shoes hold so much weight, so much love, and so many memories. Never to be discarded, the Docs will find themselves on the shelf in favor of new footwear.
Sheridan #2: Feminine Platform
Picture Boston, MA: A big little city swarming with college students and young professionals. No one knew anything about Seneca Falls when Sheridan #1 touched down. Everyone was more concerned about dressing up to go to Earl’s on Newbury and finding the best dresses for formal. An interest in fashion was widely accepted. This marked the change into Sheridan #2.
Sheridan #2 hit the ground running. Gone was her self-proclaimed “emo Tumblr” style. In its place, Sheridan #2 mimics a “blogger chic” aesthetic. She is constantly inspired by a fusion of 70s boho, London grunge, and her Free People employee discount.
Enter Sheridan’s new footwear, purchased especially for her hot girl summer. Meet the platform sandal. She selected a shoe that is the ode to style and comfort. Sheridan #2 is ready to make memories during her summer in Paris.
Sheridan Sandals
Mya Signature

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