• Lines, Colors, and Texture… Oh My!

    Oh my is an understatement. My time in Paris has been going off with every hitch. Still, with everything swirling around me the city is a constant. The metro, the people, the food, and the scenery are all there for the taking. I will admit I haven’t been living to the fullest extent. I wish there were a few more hours tucked into the day to explore the unknown, off the beaten path.

    Some of my subjects could barely understand me, some had interesting stories to tell, but they all had one thing in common. The clothes they wore were selected intentionally. Their desire was consistent whether it was the classic feminine flare of London or the utilitarian chic style of Paris.



    As you walk towards the famous Goblien manufacturing center in your new Archer Heels, you will find my first letter, growing up the side of the building. As you walk along the streets you can’t help but picture the history behind the previous quarters.