Lines, Colors, and Texture… Oh My!

Oh my is an understatement. My time in Paris has been going off with every hitch. Still, with everything swirling around me the city is a constant. The metro, the people, the food, and the scenery are all there for the taking. I will admit I haven’t been living to the fullest extent. I wish there were a few more hours tucked into the day to explore the unknown, off the beaten path.

Toutes les lignes

Across from the section of columns of Palais Royal, you will find the epitome of French arcades. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the street, Gallerie Vivienne forces your gaze upward. As I stepped into the arcade, all lines lead to the expertly crafted arches. Immediately, I understood why people used to flock to Gallerie Vivienne to see and be seen. When you look above, you see crisp lines casting natural light into space. From the strings of the light fixtures drawing your eyes to the calculated lines of the window panels, you are immediately basked in sunlight. Each line within the ceiling of Gallerie Vivienne is a calling card of design and functionality. The carefully placed lines create a visually pleasing escape from everyday life.

Lines Post Jet Noire Blog

La voie en temps

The Musee d’Orsay is a museum I will return too. I want to wander through each gallery without a time constraint. It is not uncommon for me to get lost wandering through sections of a museum. I like to read through every place card and take a moment to look at every piece. This time around, I spent my time focusing on everything but the artwork.  The structural design of the museum inspired my roamings. As I snapped photos of entryways and staircases, this statue captured my attention. Should my eyes take in this magnificent statue? Or should I be drawn to focus on the wall behind the piece? Every single frame of the wall was crafted with intention. This photo forces your eyes to not only look at the statute but to perceive the entire composition.

Museum Photo Jet Noire


Battement de coeur

The color of Paris bleeds red. As my eyes travel down the street magnificent hues of red constantly jump back at me. The color of this rose reflects love, rage, and passion. It connects everyone from the students who push in CEA’s imposing red doors to the locals sitting under the bright red awnings of charming Parisian cafes. The color of this fallen rose creates a feeling of warmth I associate with the heartbeat of Paris.

Red Rose Jet Noire Blog

La Texture Du Passé

On one of the many days, my walking directions failed me, I almost ran into this pole. As I reeled backward, the pole jumped out to me. A stark contrast from the plain wall behind it, layers and layers and posters had found a home on the pole. Amid the texture, a remnant of frayed paper remained on the pole with the question, “Do you speak English?”. In a city dominated by the French language, it brought a smile to my face. As I quickly captured my photo, I vowed to pay more attention to the little things. Had I not almost ran into the pole, I never would have noticed the texture.

Pole in Paris Jet Noire Blog

While I discover what I have never seen before, there is potential around every corner. Paris I am ready for you: open arms, an open mind, and an empty stomach. 

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