SS2O Jacquemus Show Field

...I will admit, up until the last two collections I was not a fan of Jacquemus. He's now one of my favorite designers of the moment. Many of his pieces still don't quite match my style but I love the voice behind his collections. Every look has a certain flair that feels effortlessly chill. Then for his Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Mr. Simon Porte decided to have his show in a purple lavender field. Needless to say, he deserves his own post for plopping a pink runway in the middle of the field. Below are my favorite looks from the show:


I love both of these pieces, but would I wear them together? No. Each of these pieces would have its' own look. I would wear the cargo pants with the Claire Crop. Then I'd pair the pink tank with a denim mini skirt and my favorite gold hoops. 

SS2O Jacquemus Show Yellow

Maxi Dress season is upon us and this dress is calling my name. The knit fabric looks like it flows and hugs the curves of the body. The yellow radiates soft warmth. I see this pairing perfectly with some white Archer Heels.

This isn't my favorite look, but honey I had to include it. Look at how this model is serving up face and I just know her walk was fierce. She didn't come to play.

Simon Porte Jacquemus Green

Jacquemus, if you're reading this please send me this whole set. It's my favorite look of the whole collection.

Full Look

I evaded Jacquemus for far too long. After this showing, I might need to get me a little Chiquito Bag. Drop your favorite color bags in the comments. 

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