Today's mood board is places I'd rather be...
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One thing about me is I will "Let's go to brunch" you to death. It's my favorite meal and I love getting my friends and family together over a spread of delicious food. Whenever we go to brunch it's always sunny, the food is always bomb, and everyone is happy and hydrated. Just look at these spreads, you cannot tell me you wouldn't be going to town. I can't wait to bring my love of travel and brunch together. Who's coming brunch on the coast?
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COVID-19 has shown me is how grateful I am to be able to travel and see the world. As I look to next year I have so many trips and opportunities planned. I made a promise to myself that I will try and hit every trip that has been affected once it is safe. The key phrase once it is safe. But believe me, the day it is I'm booking flights, making reservations, and slipping into my Autumn Dress. Where are some of your favorite brunch spots?
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